2016 'Conversation about a red thin red line' Photopolymer etching  50X40cm edition 10

2022 'I wish I was someone else, and different too' photoprint 50x70cm

2015 Scar: 2015 Mixed media, photoprint - silkscreen, edition of 4 print-size 40x50 cm

2014 'This must be belgium' etching - Belgium vlag - edition of 2

2015 Birdwatcher:  Stills from video Silkscreen, 5 editions size 29x40cm 4 prints

In search of a new place and butterflies: 2017 Stills from video Silkscreen 5 editions 28x37cm

2014 Jumper: stills from video screen prints 10 editions, size 30x40cm box

2005 You scream, I scream, we all want everything! photoprint 120X160 1 edition

2016 There are dialogues that last one day.  Photopolymer etching 2 editions 18x24cm 5 prints