Hand/nail 2017

When I started on this installation, I had a certain concept in mind. But during the process I was visited by a friend in my studio, and we had a long conversation about the original project 'two hands - hole in the wall' about war violence against innocent people. It was meant to represent two hands on the wall with their back to the viewer and a hole in the wall in between them in which you could put your finger.

I told my friend that the hole in the wall was more important than the two hands, and that it made all the difference to the viewer because it was just a hole, nothing had been added to it – no color or anything else.
After a long discussion my friend came with another idea, that was to turn the hands with the palms to the viewer, which evokes a sense of surrender, and correlations with the image of the crucifix embedded in our culture.
This then turned into another inquiry: is every hand with an nail in it, related to the notice of the crucifix, and why?